Recommended Instagram Places Copenhagen and What to Eat There



Many Instagram places Copenhagen list for a destination while having holidays there is very recommended. So, you do not need to worry about when or where to go. Because Copenhagen is a large area, and without a plan, you will get confused. It is more important when you are not with a friend or tour guide. If you are in Copenhagen, here are some recommended places for social media.

Tivoli Garden

Tivoli Garden is a place in the center of Copenhagen. It has sparkling events that will amaze all tourists and citizens. This garden is very strategic because it is near Copenhagen Central Station. You can eat some snacks there, like very delicious butter cookies.

Not only in the morning, but you can also go there at night. The view is marvelous. The light is everywhere, and you can take some photographs there for your Instagram post. There are also some good restaurants there. So you can eat many delicious cuisines with beautiful decorations.

The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue)

This statue is a famous place that has beautiful scenery. The landscape near there is also beautiful. So, you can take many photographs there. Some selfies are good too because the background is very good.

Near the statue, you can eat some good snacks there. Like butter cookies that are very soft and delicious. If you want a recommendation of the best brand of these snacks, try Danisa Butter Cookies.

It is a brand of butter cookies that has a very delicious product with simple packaging. So, you can bring it to some spots when you are in Copenhagen. The moments during the holiday will be great with some Instagram places Copenhagen list and butter cookies that have a yummy taste.